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OIKOKourtidis, a member of Kourtidis Group, has been active for the last 25 years in the coastal areas of the Prefecture of Kavala (Kariani Beach, Ofrynio Beach, Orfani Beach). Responsibility and reliability are the basic and unparalleled features of its human resources, known and distinct, ranking it today among the leading construction companies in Northern Greece. Modern architecture and aesthetics, energy-efficient air conditioning methods, luxurious materials and facilities that upgrade the standard of living, far exceeding all expectations and compatibility.


Experienced and innovative partners, with knowledge of the needs of the modern family, study, suggest and adapt the house to your wishes and needs.


Modern design, high aesthetics and excellent functionality with bioclimatic design.

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Excellent, quality materials that last over time and create a sense of security for every visitor.

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Maintenance, repair, renovation, management with specialized crew. A range of services, tailored to your needs.

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We maximize the benefit of our client, ensuring 6% guaranteed return with the Max Value program.

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Costa Ofrynio is the ideal destination: a unique, 17 km long sandy beach that offers alternative forms of tourism and is a pole of attraction for every visitor.

Costa Ofrynio (the well-known and beloved Touzla) enters a new era full of modern challenges. Its unique beauties, exceptional sights and incredible “secrets” are now presented in a huge tourist campaign, designed, developed and started by Kourtidis Group.

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Made with love and attention to detail, each of our homes has something special to show.

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Kourtidis Group is proud of the projects that have been completed and delivered
to the clients and investors who have placed their trust in it.
Take a tour of the group’s “small villages” and experience what they have to offer.

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