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Since 1996, a state-of-the-art construction company, with projects that stay indelible in time.

A member of Kourtidis Group of companies, which is the implementation of the strong ideas of its founder, Nikolaos Kourtidis, OikoKourtidis was founded in 1996 and since then stands out from the result by constructing luxury settlements of unique quality, in selected areas of Ofrynio Beach, Kavala (). The settlements offer the opportunity to individuals, for purchases of unique holiday homes, but also to investors in Greece and abroad, for profitable investments.

The whole group operates with the strategy of vertical integration, combining all the elements of entrepreneurship, innovation, quality and competitiveness. In Northern Greece it is a pioneering presence in its field, providing a constantly upgraded and quality after-sales service.

Modern architecture and aesthetics, energy-efficient air conditioning methods, luxury materials and facilities that upgrade the standard of living, far exceeding all expectations and compatibility. Experienced and innovative partners, with knowledge of the needs of the modern family, study, suggest and adapt the house to your wishes and needs.

Buying a modern house from OikoKourtidis is an investment for the future. We will be very happy to meet you up close, to show you our work and to develop a relationship of trust as has been the case for years with all our clients!


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